Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What and How We Wrote

A good article concerning the spirit to write.
This article spoke about whether our motivation to write and why we must write?
Very good to be read!

I found this article in one milis.
It is hoped that wrote him did not object I contained his article in blog this.

To the writer possibly not became the choice that was interesting enough for people.
You possibly one of the people that had not contained this choice to the article that was assigned by your teacher, with the classic title: I and my feelings.
You possibly many that aspired to become the technical scholar, the doctor, the teacher, the astronomer, the businessman or the engineer.
But, once not crossed in your marrow, are you really want to be a writer?
There is possibly, but not of your feelings that other not?
His production a little?
Ups, don't be wrong, my brothers.
At this time not many that serious to be professional as the writer.
But, that wrestled in this field also not could be considered to be few people then.
Precisely when the other person not wanted him, evidently many people that eksis became the writer.
They lived suitably, how come.
See JK Rowling with her Harry Potter.
Her article not only was translated inside about twenty the language, but also succeeded in mesmerising millions of eyes in
all the world through to the series the three of them that the success in the cinema.
His wealth it was estimated exceeded the wealth of English Queen.
Be glad really would?
The popularity?
Not needed to be asked.
Till even now, the name of Enid Blyton, Agatha Cristy, Chairil Anwar, or Umar Khayam stayed fragrant, although then they died.
If wanting noise like Gola Gong also could.
Or like Asma Nadia, Mira W, Helvy Tiana Rossa, Dee or Ayu Utami.
Then where the shortage?
Please imagined (like his song Padi), how it seems if in this world there is no one that is professional as the writer?
Definitely will be felt insipid.
We often must be that stupid, not ngerti anything and confused what do you want to do.
Then how became the successful writer like them?
Come on, we learn from now.
And before you decided to become the great writer, come on together was recognised ourselves.
Be enough with answered the question below this.
Then determined where your position with five choices that were available.
Dared to try?

Why I wrote?
The answer:

Because I was quite talented WRITING.
Your sharing: I consciously, if I had this miraculous talent.
The proof is, the teacher's praise and friends always made me soar.
Every time read the person's other articles, even the writer's famous article although, I always felt the article just so-so.
I also could wrote like that.
It might be better from that.
I not again hesitant, if I was the famous aspiring writer, was as well known as Boim and as rich as the Dewi Lestari (Dee the Supernova).

Then by being confident I send my article to the media.
Almost all magazines I send one by one my work.
But, why� There was not any succeeded being contained.
I give up. I don't wanted write again.
(but, how come, feeling-it seems I felt I there is something missing if not write's again. Missed so much) This Time I not will give up.

Must be that less than my articles were previous.
I suggested: increased discussions, read articles that often were contained in the media or books best seller, asked for the person's opinion, and don't surrender to publish your work.
That has been carried out by you have been good.

But, that was not yet enough.
Many famous writers that hundreds of his work times not was contained.
But, they not discouraged.

If you just one time sent the article, then was refused, and you at once surrendered?
It would be better if, beginning with now straightened first your intention to write.
Your intention wrote initially why?
Material or heart satisfaction?
If for material, you will find it easy very much to lose hope.
But, if for heart satisfaction, with the road to give enlightenment for the other person, hopefully you not will stop wrote although millions of your article times had not been contained.
The idealist!
Like that possibly the person's expression of intellect.
So, how's friend?
Want to wrote again?
Come on, we wrote together.

Because I indeed liked WRITING.

Your sharing : Like wrote.
But whether.., I was not confident then.
Every time my article was read by the other person, it seems the proceeding ventilator on the head, suddenly fell and fell on me.
Then, the world of my surrounds tasted proceeding in this way very fast.
Moreover if the article with critic all.
Then, definitely many that laughing.
Ow, that would his name embarrassing.
It seems I the person that most foolish a world.
Then, could be imagined by you what will be done by me furthermore.
Of course I will like that be not enthusiastic still took part in the language lesson.
Whatever teacher wanted to enter or not, there was none of his influence again against me.
I wrote only as necessary then.
To be read by many people?
Hmmm..I will think repeatedly, ah..

I suggested: Ow, was sick very much.
Sky did not yet collapse.
Liked wrote only did not depend on the existence of the language teacher.
Wrote could be done when and anywhere.
The school only one of the however many places to measure your capacity.
Often practised, so that your article is not laughed at, but could make the person laugh, smiled, until cried, hiks..hiks.
Your pleasure must be fostered and don't be easy to be affected syndrom did not believe himself, right?
You not had dandruff, right?

Because I was jealous with the clever friend wrote.
Be sharing you: Yes, very true.
I wrote because of being motivated by many people.
Liked really if tough articles the very good friend.
I want to like them.
But, every time wrote, my article has still not yet been as good as the article mereka� I was surprised with Ucil, why his article very smooth.
Only needed time five minutes to write one page was full.
But, I?
One line needed time dozens menit�

My heart screamed sympathetically.
In fact if I thought, the Ucil finger did not have his difference with the number of my fingers.
His head also same.
Hair equally black and skin together not white.
So, why could he be as great as that?
That not to mention the Cecep that the champion wrote the national level short story.
He could the money gift, the cup, and praise from the principal.
Eh, Cep.
You ate what,, how come could be clever like JK. Rowling.
Let us hope not you were affected by his spell the Harry Potter?
Divide into parts, please.
I suggested: Jealous might then.
But, jealous that good only should be not hidden in the heart.
Many that could be carried out by you.

One of them; interview the Cecep, asked how he could write was as good as that.
Really stingy if Cecep did not want to divide his knowledge.
Then, increased read and observed articles that made you like that was impressed.
From there you will get matters was different.
At least, you have been motivated well.
Remained how you turned on fire, eh sorry, turned on the idea, the imagination, and wanted to learn from any.
Don't be reluctant to try, to try, and to try again.
Remembered, the key to the success of Thomas Alfa Edison: the Success was produced from 99% the hard work, and only 1% of the talent!

Because I needed the place to lavish this feeling.
Your sharing : I quarrelled my geng today.
They were really unified.
Not even one my sparkling ideas were accommodated with them.
In fact, according to me this was really positive.
But, whether I that stupid, or they who still are bored with the number of my ideas.
It was clear, I needed something that could accommodate my thinking.
The gift from Mbak Mia really cool.
A diary, although simple but so unique.
She had said, if I was boring, I could written then.
Definitely, later tasted very relieved.

The main thing is, every time had the problem, I always wrote to the gift diary ultah from Mbak Mia.
Every time I rummage through again, always had the happy feeling.
If having funny matters, I laughed personally (ups, should be not counted crazy, ok?).

Then, during my friends read my ideas yesterday, they regretted really did not make use of him.
It was unbeknownst that I, my geng sent one of the daily notes to the media.
I not supposed if the article was contained dan
got the moderate stipend big.
I not knew, if the daily note evidently could become a story.
As the sign thank you, I treated them eat until full in the canteen.

I suggested: you who wrote the model like this, continued then.
Don't stopped.
Read the available story the date, the month, the year and with the hour all would?
The model like this was good for you who liked to be sharing in the diary.
Evidently from the articles made you be used to it to write ideas, the feeling, the experience, and your imagination.
Even more of your diaries that was filled, increasingly real if you were talented to a writer.
Not believed?
Just try!

Because my hobby is reading
Your sharing : since PRIMARY SCHOOL, my really hobby is reading.
My books collection a warehouse.
Has was mature, I liked to read the Mira novel.
W.V. Lasting, Helvy Tiana Rossa, until that the translation a kind Agatha Cristy, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, Najib Kaelami and the Rajbi Jihad.
At first just read.
Then for a long time- how come, want write although only small scratches.

Then could became the writer?
His answer certainly could very much.
Many writers of noise that was born from the number he read, researched or observed heterogenous works of the other person.
A translator of the detective's novels that at first could not write, succeeded in making the detective's article only cause often read novels of Agatha Cristy to be translated.
An of Nadia's Asthma could write funny stories, only because she the magazine customer HI, and have
the Lupus collection the Hilman work and Boim.

I suggested: For your's that the really hobby read, already during him began to try wrote.
It's up to you were begun from whichever.
Want to be as romantic as Mira.W.?
Or was as energetic as Helvy Tiana Rossa?
Not already so many that were known by you about their articles?
Remain at you that broke wanted chose like who.
Dared to try?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rich from writing! (Like JK Rowling)

Many people asked, could we live from wrote?
The answer is, could!
But, how?

The first matter that must be done by you were wrote!
After that, you could put forward your text to the publisher to be published.
When your text was received and published by the publisher, then congratulations!
You remained at a step still headed the wealth gate with wrote.

To speed up your wish to become rich from writing, you could not remain quiet handed over all the forms of the promotion of your book to the publisher.
You must also join in active and creative in promoting your book personally.
Because, your book was your assets to become rich.

When your book not the behaviour, then you can not be rich, but when your book was quick-selling then you will be increasingly fast to the rich person!


Hello everyone!!
If you like writing. If you want to be an author. You just came to the right blog.
In here, you can sudy about how to make a good manuscript, how to make a good short story, and how to make a good novel.
Various tips and the trick could be obtained by you here!
Just learn and be an author!!