Tuesday, March 18, 2008

They Read My Script

When you try to impress the editor, you may send your whole script to them. But, is that work? I not thing so.

If you do that, you just wisting time and wisting your money (for copy paper, cd, and transport to their office).

Here the secret.

Send them synopsis about your script and for their attention, give them cover letter with content your proposal how great your script.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Skype is Now Mobile

More and more people are using Skype on the move - on mobile phone and in Wifi hotspots on the latest portable devices. Pick the option that works for you.

3 Skypephone
Hit the Skype button to call or instant message your friends on Skype, free. This super-stylish #G phone from mobile operator 3 has Skype built-in, plus a 2-megapixel camera and mp3 player.
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Save money with a Skype To Go number
If you regularly call international numbers from your mobile, a Skype To Go number is the answer. It's a special access number you can dial to call almost anywhere in the world - from any phone or mobile in your country - and save great rates.
See how Skype To Go works

Add Skype to your favourite portable device
If you have a PSP (PSP-2000 series) or a Nokia Internet Tablet (N8000/N810) you can install Skype and use it to call friends on Skype free, or any phone in the world for a little calling credit. Call from cafes, hotels, airports - anywhere with WiFi.
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Free tool for business
If you're a manager or administrator, the Business Control Panel is the easy way control Skype Credit expenditure within your business and centrally-manage employees' credit balances.
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Image taken from Skype.com

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Found It!!

A few minutes ago I was browsing in the internet looking for resource about how to good writing which I dont know yet. And after several hours, I finaly found it in Bagaskara (a website about tips and triks how to make a good manuscript).

I really impress, cause in this website we can learn step by step how to make a good manuscript, from idea until the end.

For example, I copy a portion from there about idea.

"A few days ago, i make conversations in messenger with my friend, Tari. One thing which become priority to be asked is an idea.

Actually, it is cliche, and it depends on the writers. If I may share my experience, I always push to my self, my idea must be a unique one. The next question which arise is how to get it?

Then, I asked Tari to mention a thing. Anything near her. "Brooch," typed Tari.

Yup, brooch. Then I ask her again, whom do brooch use or wear by?

Yes, thats right. Women and rich people only.

If we want to tell story about brooch used by rich women, that would be not a unique idea. Then we have to twist that fact. I offering to Tari, how about if that brooch used by poor boy or bagger boy.

Definitly people will be amazed. And from that amazed, will be bring to ask which will be delved our basic idea. Why the exspensive brooch used by the little boy? Is he stolling? Or that brooch is inheritance from his mother, who was a rich women.

From here, an idea can grow up and can directions accordance with our taste. (In this case, I prefer to purpose the story to suspense/thriller stories).

If for writing short story, we don't have to depp to discovered. One more things, we can search anything which corelation with brooch. In internet, books, etc. Mybe we can find out about classification of the stone, what the different with liontin, etc....that is all can be inserted to our story."

I suggestion, if you looking for about tips and trics how to write, you can came to here.